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Owner Minded Property Management

As a Fourth-Generation commercial real estate company, Glaser Property Management employs an Owner Minded Approach to Management. Our value-driven management style is designed to reduce expenses, retain tenants, and grow your Property’s net income.

We will manage Your Properties as though they were our own. As Landlords ourselves our most important goal is to add value by increasing your property’s net income.

Utilizing our comprehensive experience as Landlords and Property Managers, we identify specific improvements that add to the profitability of your Property.

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Helping Families Achieve Wealth Through Real Estate

Our long family history of real estate investing has taught us the importance of responsible management and consistent cash flow. It is our most important goal to help grow your family’s real estate wealth for generations.

Our Management Process

Competitive Fee Structure

We take an investment minded approach to property management. This means that all our fees can be accurately forecasted. Glaser Property Management will beat or match any management offer. We offer one month Free Management during a Free Trial Period.

24/7 Responsiveness

We really mean it when we say that we will treat your property like we own it. As landlords ourselves, we understand that property emergencies happen all times of day. We are available to our clients and tenants all hours of the day, every day of the week.

Modern Technology

We utilize the latest and greatest in property management technology. Our modern property management systems employ accounting software, property management software, digital communications and online property listings.

Seeing what’s Now Available for Rent!

Lease-Up Special

Call Today and Get Your Property Leased at a Reduced Price. You will not find a better deal.

Glaser Property Management has leased out units in Venice for $3,600, Santa Monica for $5,500 and West Hollywood for $3,750. It took us less than 3 weeks to get a signed lease for all three. All during the pandemic.

We will charge 1/2 of one month’s rent for a signed lease.

We do the following for lease up:

Get professional photographs from a real estate specific photographer | Create 3D Virtual Tours | Write an enticing description of the best features of the unit and the area | Upload and market on all the most popular residential rental websites | Vet tenant inquiries | Conduct tours virtually through Cell Phone | Conduct tours in person at a safe distance | Full tenant screening with complete eviction, criminal and credit checks | Call all references – current and previous employers and landlords | Provide lease for signature | Weekly Lease-Up Reporting with Statistics.

Please call Daniel at 310-281-2014 or e-mail at and find out how we can maximize the return on your investment property.

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Proud Members of:

California Apartment Association

Apartment Owners Association of California, Inc.

Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles

Don’t hesitate ask us about our work!

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