Our Strategy

Glaser Property Management Inc. will treat your properties with the same level of care and attention that we treat our properties.

Management Transition / Inspection

Rental Marketing

Responsible Tenant Selection

Ongoing Maintenance & Repairs

Detailed Financial Reporting

Walking the Property Regularly

We take an individualized Property Management Game Plan to each of our Client’s Properties.

Case Studies

Hose Bib

A few years ago, we took on management of a 5-unit apartment building in Westwood. Upon the management transition, we examined the property’s Profit & Loss Statements from past years and noticed unusually high-water bills for only 5 units. We thought that this may be attributed to an unnoticed leak or running toilets so we thoroughly inspected each unit to see if we could find the culprit. In this inspection we did not find anything that would have led to water waste.

We continued to be on the lookout and complete our weekly property walk-throughs. One week during a property walk-through we found one of the tenants excessively watering the property’s garden even though we had a weekly gardener come to the property and water all the plants sufficiently. Upon learning of where the excess water bill was coming from, we spoke with the tenant about the matter and installed hose bib locks as to restrict access to only those who should be using the property’s water. This weekly property walk-through led to the owner saving 20% on their water bill from the previous year.

Leasing for $200/month Above Asking Price

We have had tremendous success with our marketing strategy for vacant units. As an example, we took on management of a property that had a recently renovated vacant unit. Before marketing the unit, we had a professional real estate specific photographer take pictures of the interior and exterior of the unit. We take these pictures as to present the units we manage in a better light and more professional manner than most rental marketing services.

After receiving the professional pictures, we wrote a detailed description about the best features of the area and the unit itself. We created multiple online advertisements and started the marketing process. The unique part about the way we marketed this property was that we directed prospective tenants to go to the same showing time as to create as much competition as possible. We had a full house and the prospective tenants saw that there was a lot of parties interested in the unit. By creating the most competition, the prospective tenants felt that they needed to act quickly and somehow make their offer better than the others.

That day we received three applications. One of the applications offered $200/month above the asking price and for a two-year lease term. Our ability to create a competitive lease-up led to the most profitable outcome for the landlord.